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I have had the privilege to teach in several different settings, both degree-seeking and continuing education. I thrive in helping others transform their ideas and passion into objects and human connection. 


Arts education is very near my heart. For many years, writing was my creative outlet. I always aimed to evoke a physical moment with words... and I often found myself frustrated by the disconnect between thought and experience. During my BA studies, my attention turned to visual art in an attempt to scratch this same itch. I created large, highly-textural paintings, trying to impose a sympathetic visceral experience.


When I took my first ceramics class, something just 'clicked.' Suddenly, the tactile experience I always sought was built-in. It wasn't in my head or my words, on a screen or a canvas. Pliant clay accurately records the work of my hands; fire freezes it in time; function beckons the audience, 'come closer, touch, explore.'


As an educator, I enjoy helping students connect material, process, and content. All three elements inform each other, and my favorite work steps them forward in concert.


  • Southwestern University | Lab Instructor | 2015 - 2018

  • Baylor University | Visiting Artist Instructor | 2017 

  • Northern Clay Center | Instructor  | 2007-2014

  • Hopkins Community Education | Instructor | 2011

  • Brooklyn Center High School | Visiting Artist Instructor | 2010

  • Bowling Green State University | Visiting Artist Instructor | 2008

  • Bloomington Art Center | Instructor | 2007-2010

  • Indiana University Herron School of Art | Associate Faculty | 2006-2007

  • University of Manitoba | Instructor | 2006

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