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I’ve built a wide variety of kilns in the last decade-or-so – sprung arch, caternary, and flat-top; wood and soda; natural gas and propane. I've built on private residences and at academic institutions. I offer full-service, customized experience from design to construction to lifetime support.


If you'd like to discuss your kiln building project, contact me.
Kiln Building Process


As a practicing potter for 20 years, I have a deep understanding of studio ceramics and the firing process. This experience greatly informs my kiln construction method. Initial consultation begins months before construction and helps me to understand your needs. An understanding of your workflow helps us to decide on a size and design that gets your job done efficiently. The goal is always to construct a kiln that’s easy to load and fire, achieves consistent results, and is durable enough to last a lifetime.


Once we agree on a general outline, I generate detailed, brick-for-brick plans and an itemized estimate of costs. When the site is prepared and the materials have arrived, construction may take approximately 10 working days for a simple design. 


After construction is complete, I'm happy to assist with your first firing, to ensure you understand it from load to fire to unload. I follow this up with lifetime support, and love hearing from customers years down the road. 

"Daniel spent a significant amount of time asking pertinent questions. This helped us clarify what kind of kiln would best suit me and, more importantly, my work. He designed a kiln custom-built for me. His plans were clear and thorough. The kiln fires easily and evenly. I love firing this kiln!" 

- Barb Dryer, Studio Potter

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